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                    來源:永諾噴碼設備 日期:2020-03-04 16:33:56


                      The application of Linyi inkjet printer manufacturers in daily chemical industry.Daily chemical industry product packaging, different materials, our company provides inkjet printer with non-contact, fast, clean and durable, cost-effective and other characteristics, whether it is plastic material, PVC,PE or glass, metal packaging, etc., inkjet coding technology can be competent, spray printing batch number, validity, Chinese characters and other information. In full compliance with the relevant provisions of the national cosmetics industry license.



                      The main features of the series inkjet printer are as follows:


                      1, suitable for spray printing on most packaging materials (PVC, plastic film, glass, paper products, metal, etc.).


                      2. Can print Chinese characters, English, digital logo, date on the label or other position.


                      3. Print up to 4 lines of information at high speed.


                      4. Fully automatic cleaning sprinkler, clean and easy to maintain.


                      5, a variety of color ink choice, clear and permanent.


                      6. Good marking ability, can print various batch numbers, validity period and other variable information at high speed, the logo is clear and easy to distinguish, the operation is reliable and stable. Lower cost.


                      7. Compared with the traditional labeling, printer, inkjet printer has the characteristics of automation, high load rate, low material consumption and so on, which saves limited manpower and material resources for manufacturers.


                      8. Anti-counterfeiting function, using inkjet printer to print serial number automatically or in conjunction with code anti-counterfeiting software to help enterprises avoid the circulation of fake and shoddy commodities and protect the legitimate interests of manufacturers.


                      Patented ultraviolet ink can only be shown under ultraviolet light, which increases the strength and effect of anti-counterfeiting. The beautification of appearance and clear spray code can increase the added value of cosmetics and help consumers identify authentic goods, thus indirectly promoting the marketing of manufacturers.


                      The above is the application of Linyi inkjet printer manufacturers in the daily chemical industry, thank you for your reading.

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