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                    來源:永諾噴碼設備 日期:2020-03-05 15:12:56


                      Composition and types of ink consumables for Linyi inkjet printer


                      A clear and accurate logo is a standard way to identify a brand, which not only adds a lot to the marketing of products, but also makes it easy to establish a sense of safety and credit in front of ordinary people. because the logo makes the product information such as production date, manufacturer, production time and so on transparent to a certain extent.


                      Inkjet printer is a kind of equipment which is controlled by software and marked on the product in a non-contact way. the time of office furniture we see every day, the QR code or the manufacturer's information is actually made by inkjet printer. So how much do you know about the composition and types of inkjet printer ink consumables?



                      1、Consumable material


                      The consumables of this type of machine are usually composed of ink, solvent, pigment ink, conductance regulator, adhesive and so on.


                      For inks and pigments, it mainly includes organic pigments, inorganic pigments and so on. At the same time, there are a variety of colors for you to choose from.


                      Consumable solvents can be composed of ethanol, methanol, butanone, acetone, hexanediol and so on, in which the adhesive is an important part of the ink, which plays a positive role in enhancing the adhesion of the printing mark surface.


                      2. Classification


                      If it is distinguished according to the performance of inkjet printing, it can be divided into: ketone-based diluent, alcohol-based solvent, water-based diluent, mixed solvent and so on.


                      According to the type of equipment, it can be divided into: high resolution inkjet printer, UV inkjet printer, large and small character inkjet printer and so on.

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