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How to select a kolcraft umbrella stroller

Kolcraft have been making baby products for many years, and there are now a number of Kolcraft umbrella stroller ( )  designs to choose from. They are designed to be easy to use, and comfortable for the child, as well as a low-cost alternative to other types of stroller. Their affordability, as well as the effort that Kolcraft put into their design, mean that they are very popular among parents of older toddlers. The number of choices available also means that parents can have trouble deciding which pushchair they prefer. With the creation of baby and all-weather versions of their umbrella stroller, it can be hard to choose between them. Getting the right one, therefore, means weighing up the advantages of each type of Kolcraft umbrella stroller, and deciding which is the one that will most suit your family. what about  double stroller reviews ( ) ? ever wondered how cool they are.

Umbrella stroller Buying Guide

best umbrella stroller

The most basic type of Kolcraft umbrella stroller is designed to be easy to fold up, or to open, and has a 3-point harness which will keep the child sitting upright and secure. There are also other features, such as a canopy, and a safety hinge, intended to prevent the child from getting fingers trapped as the stroller is opened or closed. It is designed for children who are 35lbs or less, and weighs 7lbs itself, which is quite low for a toddler pushchair. However, it is quite flimsy because of this, being easily tipped-over if too many bags are placed on the back,  and does not have all the features that a parent might expect with an umbrella stroller. This is clearly down to the overall cost of the chair, which would be much higher if the other features were included.

There have also been some adaptions to this basic design, perhaps the most unusual is the iBaby model. This umbrella stroller is designed to allow music to be played to the child (and parent) while walking, through the use of an iPod docking system and speaker. There are additional protection pads which are then stuck to the dock in order to secure the iPod and make it safe to use while walking. There is also a cup-holder for the parent, as well as storage bags and a safety harness to keep the child safely in position. This version of the stroller also has shock-absorbers on the wheels, meaning that the child has a more comfortable ride when it is sitting in the chair. The iBaby is also slightly heavier than the basic version, being around 12lbs in weight.

More about Umbrella Stroller

There is also a twin version of the Kolcraft model, which is much cheaper than usual, and has a great feature, which is the independent recliner. This means that a larger child can be seated next to a smaller infant, and they will both be secure and in a comfortable position. This is ideal for the busy parent, and makes it something that the majority of families with two young children should consider. Like most of the Kolcraft range, its suspension and wheels are very basic, so it is not ideal for jogging, running or for off-pathing. However, it is a good chair for the town or city, where even roads allow a comfortable ride.

conclusion: best umbrella stroller

Most parents want to buy a stroller which is affordable, and yet can still provide some of the features which they need in a pushchair. The Kolcraft umbrella stroller has a variety of features, including a one-handed fold, a great pattern on the fabric, and canopies that will ensure that the child is fully protected from the sun, although they are not rain-proof.

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